Smart Accessories

Smart Accessories


  • Portable speakers

    In the park, at a party or on holiday, with one of Bluetooth speakers, you can listen to your favourite music anytime, anywhere. Connecting is easy and works wirelessly via a connection with your mobile, laptop or tablet. Another advantage? The sound is suddenly much better, and you can turn the speaker up nice and loud. What should you look out for, and what wireless speakers does JBL offer?

    A Bluetooth speaker works completely wirelessly. You connect to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth. Some JBL models work on Wi-Fi, and in this case, the music is sent to the speaker via an Internet connection. Here you connect to the speaker via your phone, tablet or computer, but via Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. In both cases, you can adjust the volume on the speaker itself or on the connected device.

  • Photo accessories

    Large variety of photo accessories for amateurs and professional photographers from COPTER.BG. Find the right accessories for you at great prices.

A variety of smart accessories for you and your family. See more at COPTER.BG