• Cameras and gimbals

    Anti-vibration and gyro-stabilized gimbals for drone's cameras. Sports action cameras or lightweight cameras for drones with high definition and ultra resolution video recordings, allowing capturing of stunning images and video using your flying multicopter platform. GoPro cameras capture the incredible aerial views and the intelligent gimbals that allow stable image without flicker. Gyroscopic mounts allow camera control in 3-aixis in order not to miss any of your aerial view! Here you will find high-end memory cards with higher capacity and speed of writing and reading that will meet the requirements of your camera and allow you to record stunning images and video.

  • Remote controllers & Ground Stations

    Ground base stations for managing and chackpoint flying with multicopters. Powerful two-way Bluetooth communication between the receiver and control. You can create and save personal fluing routes for the quadcopter to follow, or use the built-in ones. The software provides an intuitive management interface and voice commands. Remote controllers have multichannel transmitters and receivers that provide powerful signal even in poor weather conditions and long distances without losing signal strenght.

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Exptend and upgrade you multicopter's capabilities with additional accessories! Add more features - a camera to your drone or gimbal to your drone's camera, anti-vibration pad or gyro-stabilized gimbal to your copter. Use a FPV glasses, flight more with powerful intelligent battery, wireless management systems and real-time navigation on route mapped, out in advance. We offer fast and easy choises to expand the capabilities of your multirotor paltfor with accessories at great prices with fast delivery to your given address. Increase power with intelligent battery, or add gimbal with GoPro camera. Watch from the "bird's eye" using FPV goggles with high resolution as if you are flying!