Accessories for Enterprise Drones

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    DJI D-RTK 2 Mobile Station Features:Supports different signals: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and GALILEO; Providing real-time differential data; Up to 5 remote controllers can be connected simultaneously; IP67protection; Carbon fiber body;

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    A tripod for the D-RTK 2 High Precision GNSS Mobile Station.

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    IN STOCK Features:Integrated and Easy to Deploy Work Smarter With Automation Cloud Management at Your Fingertips 7 km Operation Radius1 Fast Charge for Minimal Downtime2 Support for Private Deployment Open Edge ComputingCompatibility:DJI Matrice 30 (Dock version) DJI Matrice 30Т (Dock version) DJI FlightHub 2Ask for prices

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    Features: Keeping the user’s hands free, offering easy control and portability Compatibility:DJI RC Plus

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    Features:For 5.5 inch display High definition images 2.5D Curved Edge 9H Super Hardness Anti-scratch surfaceCompatibility:DJI Smart Controller DJI RC Pro Remote controller for DJI Agras T20

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