FPV systems


  • FPV Glasses and displays

    FPV glases and monitors for First Person View through the camera mounted on a flying platform. FPV glases offer great picture quality, that can be transmitted over long distances to see everything your multicopter sees. FPV monitors are mounted on the remote control or on a tripor and offer you a real-time video feed from the camera on you multirotor platform.

  • Transmitters and Receivers

    Powerful video and audio receivers and transmitters and FPV systems, transmitting high-definition video over long distances. We offer all DJI systems, as well as transmitters and receivers from other manufacturers with different characteristics, covering the needs of any amateur or professional user in First Person View. We can offer SD or FullHD FPV systems.

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First Person View (FPV) system for long range FPV flights in real time with multirotors. FPV video glases are used to control a flying platform and to look trought the camera attached to the platform in real time. With First Person View glases you will feel as if you were flying while controlling your quadcopter, hexacopter or octocopter. We offer powerful video signal transmitters that send high-quality video to FPV Monitor or glases for unforgettable experience. The FPV monitors are used for real-time FPV through the camera for long range flights with the multicopter.