Professional systems


  • Cameras, Gimbals, DJI Ronin

    Professional high-resolution cameras and gyroscopic stabilized gimbals DJI Ronin for professional use. Cameras for drones - installation on flying platforms such as Quadcopters, Hexacopters and Octocopters. Extremely precise gimbals for installation on flying platforms or studio shooting cranes with professional digital camera with 4K resolution. In addition to the gimbal, the mounted camera on them, can be controlled with wireless controller that allows you to capture exactly what you want, exactly as you want it. DJI gimbals are compatible with cameras from Canon, Panasonic, BlackMagic and Sony.

  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

    At COPTER.BG you can purchase the FLIR Vue 336 Thermal Imaging Camera and the DJI Zenmuse XT Thermal Imaging Camera Powered by FLIR. At COPTER.BG you will also find various bundles that include the thermal imaging cameras of FLIR and DJI's camera drones and flying platforms DJI Phantom 2 Version 2.0, DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 and DJI Matrice 100.

  • FPV glasses, Monitors, DJI LightBridge

    FPV video glasses, monitors and systems to transmit video in real time from the flying platform's camera to the pilot. Extremely useful and mandatory extra for professionals who want to make the most of every shot! Wireless FPV systems DJI can transmit video at a resolution of 1920x1080 at a distance of 1700 meters! All this applies to the LightBridge system, which was developed exclusively for professionals and offers unmatched capabilities in all situations. LightBridge is perhaps the most powerful FPV system that you can mount on your flying platform. LightBridge is widely used in professional video capture, especially in the movie industry.

  • Accessories

    Full range of accessories to extend functionality of professionals flying platforms.

  • Batteries and Chargers

    Batteries and chargers for professional drones and multi rotor copters - we offer wide variety and ranges of capacity, types and brands. The best solutions for professional aircrafts and high-end copters for aerial photo & video

  • 660.00 BGN

    Seven inch widescreen Powerful 5.8GHz recevier Two separete antennas for signals with different polarity Stable signal with no interference High resolution LCD screen

    660.00 BGN
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  • 200.00 BGN 350.00 BGN

    5 inch high resolution FPV screen; Powerful 5.8GHz receiver; Build-in battery - 3200mAh; No signal loss, no interference; USB port;

    200.00 BGN 350.00 BGN
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  • 660.00 BGN

    High resolution 7-inch FPV monitor; Powerful receiver at 5.8GHz; Two wide range antennas; No signal loss, no interference; Wireless remote control; High contrast and brightness; Foldable sun shade;

    660.00 BGN
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  • 399.00 BGN

    Intuitive interface for easy control Touch screen control (for iPad) Flight to point of the map Create a flight pattern Build-in flight patterns Take-off and landing with one button Real time alarm Voice control Set return point Supports A2, WKM, NAZA-M, NAZA-M V2, Phantom 2 flight controllers

    399.00 BGN
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  • 382.00 BGN

    Automatic recognition of the input/output video mode (PAL/NTSC) Voltage 3S ~ 6S iOSD Mark II offers real-time flight parameters directly on the FPV screen or FPV glasses Only 56 grams of weight Easy for installation and setup Two Video Signal Channels Input & Switch Supports DJI Z15 Gimbals

    382.00 BGN
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  • 65.00 BGN

    Original DJI S900 and S1000 propellers Flexible and strong Model 1552 Made from durable plastic - PA66-GF The set contains 2 propellers - 1 CW + 1 CCW (for one motor) Set weight - 16.6gr

    65.00 BGN
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  • 24.00 BGN 54.00 BGN

    Original foldable monitor hood for Android tablets or iPad for DJI Inspire 1 or DJI Phantom 3 remote controller

    24.00 BGN 54.00 BGN
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  • 1,954.00 BGN

    FullHD video transmission over 2000 meters with professional quality; Remote controller with built-in powerful transmitter; Intelligent dynamic selection of channels; 3G-SDI and mini-HDMI Outputs; Dual video streaming; DJI GO App support; Supports all professional DJI controllers;

    1,954.00 BGN
  • 1,500.00 BGN 2,155.00 BGN

    DJI Focus remote controller. The set does not includes a motor. Fully compatible with the DJIZenmuse X5 gimbal.

    1,500.00 BGN 2,155.00 BGN
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  • 1,222.00 BGN

    Powerful DJI Focus motor

    1,222.00 BGN
  • 14,800.00 BGN

    Features:Waterproof and dustproof with IP56 for guaranteed work in bad conditions; Stronger and more stable in harsh conditions; BVR (Beyond Visual Range) automatic control; SDK development and customization; Portable and easy to set up. Comes with waterproof case.Compatibility list:Compatible with Zenmuse X3, Zenmuse Z3, Zenmuse XT,...

    14,800.00 BGN
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Quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters for professional photo and cinematographic purpose. Powerful systems with high lifting capacity, multiple high-tech solutions for ensure perfect and stable flight and hovering during the shooting.