Batteries and Chargers

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    Provide quick and easy connection between the battery and the flying platform;; Patented anti-spark design; Special anti-loose ring on the female side; Weight : 27g;

    36.00 BGN
  • 2,462.40 BGN 2,736.00 BGN

    Large storage space for up to 12 TB50 batteries, 2 smart CrystalSky/ Cendence batteries WB37 and 1 CrystalSky/ Cendence battery charging hub. Charge up to 8 TB50 batteries simultaneously. Additional ports provide the ability to charge the Inspire 2 battery, CrystalSky/ Cendence Intelligent battery, and a mobile device. The current firmware version will...

    2,462.40 BGN 2,736.00 BGN
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Batteries and chargers for professional drones and multi rotor copters - we offer wide variety and ranges of capacity, types and brands. The best solutions for professional aircrafts and high-end copters for aerial photo & video