DJI Inspire 2 drones

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    You can easy mount your mobile device to the DJI Cendence remote controller thanks to mobile device holder. Supported devices: with max wide up to 170 mm.

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    DJI Focus Handwheel 2 stand allows you to install DJI Focus Handwheel 2, Focus Handwheel or Focus on the Inspire 2 remote controller. So you can adjust the focus, aperture and zoom easily during the flight. In The Box:Stand x 1; Rosette Adaptor x 1.Specifications:Weight: 148.86 g; Max Current: 50 mA; Max Voltage: 8V.Compatibility:...

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    Large storage space for up to 12 TB50 batteries, 2 smart CrystalSky/ Cendence batteries WB37 and 1 CrystalSky/ Cendence battery charging hub. Charge up to 8 TB50 batteries simultaneously. Additional ports provide the ability to charge the Inspire 2 battery, CrystalSky/ Cendence Intelligent battery, and a mobile device. The current firmware version will...

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    Original Inspire 2 Car Charger Compatibility:DJI Inspire 2  DJI Inpire 2 Battery Charging Hub

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    Charge up to 4xTB50 and 4xTB55 batteries simultaneously. Additional ports provide the ability to charge the Inspire 2 battery, CrystalSky / Cendence Intelligent Battery, and a mobile device. The current firmware version will appear on the station screen when charging a smart TB50 battery. The intelligent discharge features allow easy transport and...

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    This portable and easy-to-fold landing pad can protect your drone's gimbal camera during takeoff and landing on harsh surfaces. Pegs are also included, so you can secure the landing pad to the ground in strong winds.Portable and easy to use.; Protects the gimbal and camera.; Pegs are included for securing to the ground.Specifications:...

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Inspire 2 is designed for professionals in cinematography and film arts, and you can find all of its accessories in the online store COPTER.BG.

Inspire 2 is an extremely powerful platform that has the ability to work with a wide range of cameras, including those with interchangeable lenses, to meet the needs of the industry, no matter what the scene will be.

Inspire 2 uses DJI's intelligent tracking system in its specialized shooting modes that the operator can easily and quickly execute with the touch of a button.

The Inspire 2 platform supports multiple post-production formats that make processing workflow easy and flexible with all the renowned applications on the market.