DJI Ronin-MX

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    Compatible with DJI Matrice 600 drone; Supports RED EPIC, ARRI ALEXA mini and many more cameras; Designed for precise stabilization; Easy setup - takes just 5 minutes; Professional 3-axis stabilization; Three operation modes: Upright, Underslung, Briefcase; AutoTune Stability; SmoothTrack for smooth movements; With Free Ronin M/MX Grip

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    This Intelligent Battery is specially designed for the DJI Ronin-M and DJI Ronin-MX camera gimbals. It has a capacity of 1580mAh, a voltage of 14.4V, and a variety of power management functions. When fully charged, it has a maximum run-time of three hours. Please only charge the DJI Intelligent Battery with DJI approved charger (MODEL: BC235144015)....

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    Stay in control with your thumbs with the DJI Thumb Controller for Ronin M Gimbal

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    Connects the DJI Wireless receiver to the Ronin-S via the CAN cable to enable control of the Ronin-S through DJI Master Wheels or DJI Force Pro. This cable also connects the Ronin-MX to the Matrice 600, or the DJI SRW-60G receiver to an external power source. Compatibility:Ronin-S; Ronin-MX.

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    With the grip you can conveniently hold your DJI Ronin-M/ DJI Ronin-MX or simply lean it against vertical surface when you are not using it. Expansion screws are also available for personal optimization.

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    Use the Ronin-MX/S RSS Control Cable for Panasonic to connect your Panasonic GH3 or GH4 and the Ronin-S Camera Control Port to control your camera. Please refer to the Ronin-S Camera Compatibility List for more information on supported camera models, control features, and camera settings. It is also used to connect the Ronin-MX Remote Start/Stop Camera...

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Capture Above and Beyond

The Ronin-MX has been designed for use both in the sky and on the ground. The Ronin-MX can be mounted on the Matrice 600 in just minutes so that you can easily go from shooting handheld to capturing footage from above. Three Operation Modes, built-in receiver and remote control, and is also compatible with DJI Assistant 2 and DJI GO, for controlling gimbal settings.