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DJI A3 Flight Controller

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  • 3-modular controller;
  • Precise control thanks to Fault-Tolerance system;
  • Compatible with D-RTK GNSS, Smart ESCs, Intelligent Batteries, and Lightbridge 2;
  • DJI SDK Compatibility;
  • Precise configuration thanks to DJI Assistant 2;
  • Upgrade your A3 controller to A3 Pro by installing two upgrade kits.

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Reliablity and unlimited possibilities
A3 контролер
The A3 controller combines reliability and precise flight control. The new controllers are the best solution for cinematographic where the precise control and the reliability are the most important.

Precise control with Fault-Tollerance
Fault-Tollerance система за прецизно управление
The new algorithms of the A3 controller allows you more precise control of the drone. The algorithms allow А3 and А3 Pro controllers to operate with various flying platforms - with no need of manual tunning. The  Fault-Tollerance system can land the drone in case of failure motor.

А3 controllers support D-RTK GNSS which can possition the drone so precise comapred to GPS or barometer. D-RTK GNSS uses two antennas for better precission and magnetic interferrence does not affect of the controller.

DJI Datalink Pro
DATALINK Pro works at a frequency below 1 GHz and its scope reaches 2 km. Combines perfectly with the A3, D-RTK, and a Ground Station, which allows management of up to 5 drone from a base station. The regime "Broadcast" allows the station to transmit signals up to 32 mobile devices and regime "Duplex" - only one.

Ground Station
Ground Station
Ground Station supports touch screen, mouse and keyboard. Users have the ability to simultaneously manage and monitor missions in several drones also to planing of the flight. Ground Station is compatible with the A3 controller, drones Matrice 100, Matrice 600, Phantom 4 and with DATALINK.

New generation DJI Assistant
Ново поколение DJI Assistant
The new application DJI Assistant is both powerful and easy to use, allowing adjustment of different DJI flying systems. The new built-in flight simulator allows performing complex maneuvers without risk of damage to the platform.

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