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Who are we?

COPTER.BG is the only officially licensed warranty and out-of-warranty service of drones and DJI products for Bulgaria. Our team is highly qualified and closely specialized in repairing drones, gimbals and DJI accessories.

Сервиз на дронове и продукти на DJI

What we do?

COPTER.BG offers warranty and after-warranty service for all DJI products, including the following:

Сервиз на дронове и продукти на DJI

The service of COPTER.BG also performs diagnostics and prophylaxis of DJI drones. As an official importer and authorized service, COPTER.BG works exclusively with original DJI spare parts and has professional equipment for repair and diagnostics. Our qualified service technicians have many years of experience and perform both mechanical and electrical repairs and restoration of drones in water.

Сервиз на дронове и продукти на DJI

For other DJI drones and products, you can send us a quote via our customer service form.

Where to find us?


 Address: 52 Kuklensko shose blvd, 4000

 Working Time: Monday - Friday: from 8:30 to 18:00, Saturday: from 8:30 to 13:00

 Phone: 032 390 106, 0883 390 110

 National Number: 0700 45 011

 E-mail: service@copter.bg

Certified Service Technicians

Our service technicians are trained and have certificates for servicing DJI products and drones::

Сервиз на дронове и продукти на DJI.