Warranty Conditions

Products specified in the certificate based on the brand name and unique serial number SN have a guarantee within the time limit set for each separately. The warranty period is calculated from the date of invoice of each product. Return in a suitable condition will be done after repairing the product, within a maximum of 30 calendar days of receipt for service, according to law.

Warranty does not apply to defects arising from failure to comply with the conditions of transportation, storage, operation and maintenance, improper handling, collision or impact of products from accidents, electrical shocks, mechanical, thermal, the existence of a high degree of impurities , penetration of liquid products, exposure to fire, improper ventilation, negligence or misuse, excessive exposure to moisture, use of unusual application or incorrect operation, use of faulty equipment or cable connections - electrical or data, defective, broken, glued related short circuit, interventions on products of whatever nature unauthorized in writing by the provider or changes warranty card.

Similarly, warranty is void in the event of finding traces of food, liquids or foreign objects inside the product. The supplier shall not be liable in damage to the product, loss of information or data, the seller's obligation is to repair or replace the defective product.

No warranty is offered if the warranty documents are not presented, were damaged/altered or illegible. We recommend you to accompany the warranty card with the original packaging to ensure product integrity during transport.

Products without labels, warranty seal or with cracks, fractures, multiple elements missing, traces of burns bear no warranty.

The warranty for all products is 24 months for an individual and 12 months for a legal entity from the date of issue of the warranty card. All batteries have a warranty period of 3 months from the date of issue of the warranty card.

The battery warranty is invalid when:

  • The battery software does not connect to the drone.
  • There is a difference between cells more than 0.1 volts.
  • Battery voltage is lower than 3.10 volts per cell or higher than 4.2 volts per cell.