PGYTECH DJI Air 2S UV Filter (Professional)

PGYTECH DJI Air 2S UV Filter (Professional)


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  • Coating Tech: Multilayer Hardened Super Waterproof Coating;
  • Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy;
  • German SCHOTT optical glass was used during the design of these filters.


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PGYTECH DJI Air 2S UV Filter (Professional)

PGYTECH DJI Air 2S UV Filter (Professional)

The filter has a hard coating that protects the lens and sensors by preventing UV light from entering the camera. It blocks out blue light which prevents images from looking bluish or whitish when shooting in open spaces like at sea or in large fields.

German SCHOTT optical glass for high-definition images

CNC Aviation aluminium frame makes the filter extremely light, yet robust. It is corrosion proof and carefully engineered to not affect your drone’s balance.

Double-sided coating making it WATERPROOF, oil and scratch-resistant

PGYTECH DJI Air 2S UV Filter (Professional)

The filter’s double-sided, multi-layered coating repels water and oil, which makes it easy to keep clean. The filter’s hard coating also makes it scratch resistant.

Reduces reflection without colour shifts

PGYTECH DJI Air 2S UV Filter (Professional)

The filter’s optical glass contains a refection reducing coating to maintain colour accuracy and balance.

PGYTECH DJI Air 2S UV Filter (Professional)
MaterialAluminium, optical glass
Weight1.8 g
CompatibilityDJI Air 2S
1.UV Filter x1

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