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Camera Gimbal DJI Ronin-SC2

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  • Foldable Design
  • 1,2kg Weight / 3kg Tested Payload
  • Quick Switch to Vertical Shooting
  • 1'' OLED Screen
  • Max 14hr Fast-Charge Batteries
  • Titan Stabilization Algorithm

In The Box:

  • Gimbal (Built-In Battery) x1
  • USB-C Charging Cable (40 cm) x1
  • Lens Support x1
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C, 30 cm) x1
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Micro-USB, 30 cm) x1
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Sony Multi, 30 cm) x1
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Mini-USB, 30 cm) x1
  • Hook-and-Loop Strap x2
  • D-Ring Camera Mounting Screw 1/4"-20 x2
  • Screw 1/4"-20 x1
  • Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto) x1
  • Camera Riser x1
  • Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic) x1

Camera and Lenses Compatibility List

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Professional-level results are effortless with DJI Ronin-SC2

DJI Ronin-SC2

This compact stabilizer for mirrorless and DSLR cameras features a foldable design and intuitive features, empowering filmmakers, one-man crews, and content creators everywhere.

Foldable, Compact, Amazing

DJI Ronin-SC2

DJI Ronin-SC2’s foldable design means easy transportation and storage, along with expanded shooting options.

Get creative with Ronin-SC2’s six configurations, delivering versatility that simplifies even the most complex shots.

DJI Ronin-SC2

When folded, DJI Ronin-SC2 is just 7 × 7.5 inches, making it as portable as it is powerful.

Compatible with DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

DJI Ronin-SC2

Ronin Series Compatibility Search >

Titan: DJI Stabilization Evolved

DJI Ronin-SC2

No one makes camera stabilizers like DJI. Our Titan Stabilization Algorithm captures smoother footage than ever. Need more? SuperSmooth mode compensates for micromovements and increases torque, stabilizing even 100mm zoom lenses.1

The difference that SuperSmooth makes

Feel the Focus

DJI Ronin-SC2

The Front Dial offers precise focusing in any scenario and single-handed operation.

Dual-Layer Camera Mounting Plate (Manfrotto + Arca)

DJI Ronin-SC2

The Manfrotto + Arca dual-layer camera mounting plate is compatible with popular brands.2

DJI Ronin-SC2

Switch to portrait mode with just a tap to bring professional-grade footage to your social media content.

RavenEye Image Transmission System


DJI Ronin-SC2

RavenEye transmits video while giving you remote control of camera parameters.


DJI Ronin-SC2

Transmit 1080p video, adjust gimbal parameters, and even change camera settings from 200 m away with a latency of just 60 ms.3

ActiveTrack 3.0

DJI Ronin-SC2

With ActiveTrack 3.0 built in, DJI Ronin-SC2 uses the source signal from the camera to track your subject.4

Force Mobile

DJI Ronin-SC2

RavenEye enhances Force Mobile, increasing responsiveness and decreasing latency.

Handle Any Shot

Dual Handle

DJI Ronin-SC2

Get maximum control for shots that demand it.

Hand Grip

DJI Ronin-SC2

Use as a tripod and also as a grip extension.


DJI Ronin-SC2

Can be used for a briefcase handle and various other accessories.

1/4-20" with ARRI Positioning Holes

DJI Ronin-SC2

Provides more possibilities when using DJI Ronin-SC2 in a folded configuration.

Built-In OLED Screen

DJI Ronin-SC2

A 1-inch built-in OLED screen gives you complete control, right at your fingertips.


DJI Ronin-SC2

Charge less and shoot longer thanks to DJI Ronin-SC2’s advanced battery, which provides a 14-hour runtime and supports fast charging.5

More Ways to Create


DJI Ronin-SC2

Capture the passage of time with a steady frame.

3D Roll 360

DJI Ronin-SC2

Spin your camera for a rolling shot.


DJI Ronin-SC2

With a steady pan from the gimbal, create gigapixel panoramas from your camera.

Lightweight Carrying Case

DJI Ronin-SC2

This redesigned carrying case has a splash-proof body with dedicated compartments for all RSC 2 parts. 6


  1. SuperSmooth is effective for lenses of up to 100mm equivalent focal length.
  2. It is recommended to use the Ronin Quick-Release Plates whenever mounting cameras on DJI Ronin-SC2. Secure and damage-free mounting of third-party quick-release plates is not guaranteed.
  3. Tested in a closed environment in favorable conditions and an unobstructed wireless signal using the FCC and SRRC standard (CE standard max is 100 m). Actual results may vary.
  4. The RavenEye Image Transmission System is required for ActiveTrack 3.0 to be used.
  5. DJI DJI Ronin-SC2 is compatible with the PD and QC 2.0 charging protocols. It is recommended to use 18W chargers with these protocols for optimal charging.
  6. Carrying Case comes with the DJI Ronin-SC2 Pro Combo.
Technical Specifications for DJI Ronin SC2
DJI Ronin SC2
Accessory ConnectionsNATO port
M4 Mounting Hole
1/4”-20 Mounting Hole
Cold Shoe Mount
Video Transmission/ Follow Focus Motor Port (USB-C)
RSS Camera Control Port (USB-C)
Follow Focus Motor Port (USB-C)
BatteryModel: RB2-3400mAh -7.2 V
Type: 18650 2S
Capacity: 3400mAh
Energy: 24.48 Wh
Max Battery Life: 14 hours
Charging time: Approx. 2 hours to fully charge with 18W fast charging (PD and QC 2.0 fast charging protocols are supported)
Charging temperature: 5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F)
ConnectionsBluetooth 5.0; USB-C
Ronin App RequirementsiOS 11 or above;
Android 7.0 or above.
Working Performance
Load Weight (Reference Value)3.0 kg (Handheld)
Maximum Controlled Rotation SpeedPan axis: 360°/s
Tilt axis: 360°/s
Roll axis: 360°/s
Mechanical RangePan axis: 360° continuous rotation
Roll axis: -240° to +95°
Tilt axis: -112° to +214°
Mechanical & Electrical Characteristics
Operating Frequency2.4000-2.4835 GHz
Transmission Power< 8 dBm
Operating Temperature-20° to 45° C (-4° to 113° F)
WeightGimbal: Approx. 1216 g (including the battery and excluding Quick-Release Plate)
Quick-Release Plate (Upper/Lower) Approx. 102 g
Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal): Approx. 226 g
Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic): Approx. 160 g
Gimbal DimensionsFolded: 260×210×75 mm (including the handle)
Unfolded: 400×185×175 mm (including the handle and without the Extended Grip/Tripod)

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